marți, 21 ianuarie 2014

Another Delay

(Probably a true story.) A boy and a girl used to write their messages on the white wall of a shop on Émile Zola street. They never met, neither did they remember how they came to chat. The discussion would naturally go on and on undisturbed by overlookers through the most personal of subjects until one day. On that day when both came by at their specifically and individually predestined hour only to see that new paint had covered entirely their whole well threaded conversation. It seemed to be the end of what they had together. It seemed to be over. It had to start all over again. A few days of silence occurred, but finally it was the boy who faced the white wall again. With his hand raised up against the wall, he baldly put a question in simple words, Would you be my wife? The answer did not come as quick he expected and, by when the heat of the question dropped down to the numbing cold of a plastic mannequin, the answer was stamped on the wall. It was NO.

joi, 16 ianuarie 2014

Tranquility (Landscapes in Square Format)


People need beauty. There's a hunger for it amid the clamour of visual imagery that surrounds us and so we seek out zones of silence and contemplation, arenas for free thought and unregimented feeling. (Robert Hughes)

December morning

December 2013
A dog was barking. A man was opening the stable door. Another man was chopping logs outside. The dog kept on barking. Another dog started doing the same. A horse kicked and neighed inside the stable. Then the voices of children...

marți, 14 ianuarie 2014

The Hidden Kingdom

December 2013
Leave your village and move along the steep long road that takes you up on the barren hill. Go along the muddy road in the morning when the mud is still frozen. Go past the great cliff which swallows the water of three streams. Enter the valley and cross the smallest of the three streams. Climb on the old path to the stone cross and quickly go across the hilltops above the next village. When you see in the distance a house guarded by many tall trees, descend into the cold valley and cross carefully the icy river. With haste before the sun sets behind the mountains, go up the snowy road to reach the summit and there it is, the hidden kingdom guarded by white rocks.